Change Management

Emerson once wrote that it is not the destination, it is the journey. However, your organization needs to get both the destination and the journey right.

A good strategy sets out the destination, direction and path to move forward, but developing a detailed project plan and executing it well often represents the more difficult challenge. Whether it be
  • lean process improvement (in all operations),
  • organizational restructuring, or
  • capitalizing on a new business opportunity,
FIM is willing to assist in creating and executing a project plan that includes a clear scope and framework, identified roles and responsibilities, critical timelines and milestones, employee engagement and training, and critical risk areas.

FIM Services’ Principal, Stan Dueck, has had years of experience, both hands on and leading teams in moving forward innovative solutions to address operational challenges, or simply helping an organization manage its way to achieving its goal in a sustainable way. We are here to take a lead role or work to mentor and support internal staff.

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